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Sliding Doors In Tunbridge Wells

Our expert team at Britannic Bifold doors recently installed brand-new Origin sliding doors in this Tunbridge Wells based home.

By adding Origin’s OS44 twin track sliding doors, we turned one of their walls into a seamless entrance to their garden.

As always, our friendly installation team worked closely with them throughout the process and took them through our full range of aluminium doors, including aluminium bifold doors, French doors and patio doors.

sliding doors tunbridge wells

Replacement Sliding Doors in Tunbridge Wells

When these homeowners wanted to add a new opening to their home, we quickly decided on Origin’s OS44 sliding doors. Origin is a market-leading manufacturer which we’re proud to work with at Britannic to offer high-quality sliding doors to homes throughout Tunbridge Wells. Origin’s OS44 design combine quality with style, featuring one of the thinnest door mullions on the market at 44mm. As a result, these doors create a stunning entrance to any space.

By adding sliding doors, these homeowners chose an entrance that creates a new sense of space for their Tunbridge Wells property. A design like this has a full glazing area, meaning natural light can easily pass through into their living space. Not only that, they opted to design their doors with a powder-coated anthracite grey finish. Anthracite grey makes these doors sleek and textured, and the colour will last for decades to come.

Once they paired these doors with the brickwork exterior, these homeowners realised they would achieve a superb blend of old and new with their new entrance. And, as they didn’t have a door there before, these sliding doors transformed the layout of their Tunbridge Wells home. As a result, they can now access their garden with ease, bringing them closer to nature. And, with Britannic’s installation, they fitted their new doors in less time and for less cost.

Origin Sliding Doors

By working with Origin to install their sliding doors in Tunbridge Wells, we can offer high-quality designs every time. Origin manufacture their aluminium sliding doors expertly, and each design that comes from their factory is the result of handcrafted precision. Every part of the door, from the fixings to the glazing, has a superb quality. Not only that, the hardware is concealed to make the doors sleek and elegant.

Origin offer their OS44 twin track sliding doors with a range of innovative features, too. For example, these sliding doors have a self-levelling feature, meaning you can get smooth sliding in your Tunbridge Wells home for decades to come. Additionally, the handles and fixings are just as durable as the rest of the door. Origin’s premium-grade materials and features withstand all conditions, and work well in coastal environments.

Finally, you can rely on Origin’s sliding doors to enhance your Tunbridge Wells home for decades to come. As part of your agreement, you’ll get a 20-year guarantee on your new sliding doors. Because of this, you can be sure that your sliding doors won’t fade, crack, twist or discolour for years to come. Not only that, you won’t have to carry out any regular maintenance on your brand-new doors either!

Personalise Your Doors

When you work with Britannic, you can personalise our sliding doors for your Tunbridge Wells home. When these homeowners designed their doors, they opted for a textured anthracite grey finish and a 5.5m width. However, you’ll be in control of the design of your doors. You could choose other colour options such as Marine Grey or opt for a different size, glazing configuration or even door style!

If you choose our doors, you’ll be able to design them with the same flexibility as these homeowners did. And, with the help of our friendly team, you could discover a door you’d never even dreamed of. Get in touch with our team today to design your bespoke aluminium sliding doors for your Tunbridge Wells home and discover how we could help you transform your home for the better.

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Sliding Doors Prices Tunbridge Wells

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