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23 February 2017

 Incredible Aluminium Doors for Eastbourne Homes

New aluminium doors can really enhance your Eastbourne home. They offer far superior security, excellent thermal performance and such beautiful and sleek styling, they are the choice of many homeowners. These exquisite doors are the ultimate choice for replacement doors, creating a spectacular entrance which will last for years.

Here at Britannic Bi-Folds, we offer an exciting range of aluminium doors to Eastbourne homeowners, ensuring that any area of your home can benefit from these high performance double glazed doors.

Take a look at our guide to aluminium doors in Eastbourne and see how fantastic these contemporary home improvements are.

aluminium doors eastbourneHigh-Security Aluminium Doors in Eastbourne

The beauty of aluminium doors is that the material is ideal for security. Aluminium is naturally strong and sturdy, making it the ideal material for double glazed doors.

With aluminium doors, you benefit from a profile that is almost indestructible. This inherent security is then supported by a choice of high-security locking mechanisms, making these doors fantastic for home protection.

Our aluminium doors will help keep your family safe and secure, as they are able to withstand even the most determined potential intruders.

Superb Thermal Performance with Aluminium Doors from Britannic Bi-Folds

Aluminium doors are ideal for keeping your Eastbourne home warm and cosy. The doors we install throughout the area are high performance, and will protect your home from the coldest winter weather.

These stunning doors feature the very latest technology, specifically designed to create a thermal barrier, trapping warmth within your home and eliminating draughts and cold spots.

Our aluminium doors have ultra low U-values, giving you confidence in their performance and meeting the stringent expectations of Building Regulations.

You could even find that when you choose aluminium doors from Britannic Bi-Folds, they are so superior that your property’s EPC rating is enhanced, making your home more appealing should you ever wish to sell.

aluminium bi fold doors eastbourneStylish Aesthetics with Aluminium Doors in Eastbourne

Aluminium is so tough and robust, that the profiles of our doors can be super slim, providing an elegant and stylish aesthetic.

You can also tailor your doors to create the most stunning Eastbourne home improvements.

There are a wealth of colour finishes to choose from, enabling you to create the perfect appearance that completely reflects your personality and that of your home. Colours range from bright purples and yellows to traditional browns and greens. Almost every shade you can imagine is available in our collection, so you are sure to find your favourite.

You can even have one shade on the external face of your doors to tie in with your property’s exterior and a different colour on the inner frame, perhaps a cream, or natural shade, to blend in with your interior décor.

Personalisation doesn’t end there either, as we offer a beautiful range of decorative glazing, and lovely hardware options and accessories to complete the look of your new aluminium doors.

Aluminium Doors in Eastbourne – Choose Your Style

Aluminium doors from Britannic Bi-Folds come in a variety of options to ensure that you can benefit from these stunning doors wherever you need them in your home.

Our range includes:

Bi-Fold Doors

These beautiful doors create a spectacular entrance, opening up your home to the outdoors. They are effortless to use and the stunning wall of glass is simply exquisite.

Corner Bi-Fold Doors

For ultimate luxury, you can choose these aluminium doors to blend your living spaces into one vast area, integrated seamlessly, enabling your property to become one with your patio.

French Doors

Our elegant French doors add an element of chic European style to your home, creating a beautiful opening to your garden or even balcony.

Patio Doors

These classic doors have been brought into the 21st Century with innovative technology, yet they still provide wonderful views and masses of natural light.

Front Doors

Available in a wide range of panel designs, these stunning doors will create the most welcoming and impressive entrance to your home. For extra light and beauty, we can also install a range of side lights.

aluminium doors eastbourneAluminium Doors Prices in Eastbourne

Aluminium doors are a high-end, premium product, however here at Britannic Bi-Folds, we offer great value for money to all our customers.

Our aluminium doors prices in Eastbourne are cost effective, ensuring your new home improvements make a great investment.

Visit our online door designer and create your perfect aluminium doors from the options available and our system will give you a tailored quote based on your specifications.

You can also contact us for more information and help in finding the perfect aluminium doors for your Eastbourne home improvements.