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Aluminium Doors Crawley

25 October 2016

Enhance Your Home With Aluminium Doors in Crawley

Add value to your Crawley property with luxurious aluminium doors. They are simply stunning and will create and elegant feature wall of glass in your home. Your room will be flooded with natural light, and on warm days, you will be able to enjoy a living space that extends from within your property out into your garden, connecting the two areas.

Britannic Bi-Folds are sliding door specialists and we offer a great range of high quality aluminium doors to our customers in Crawley. Our exceptional doors offer supreme performance, enhancing your home both in beauty and efficiency.

Read on to find out more about us and our stunning aluminium doors.

aluminium doors crawleyWhy Choose Us?

Britannic Bi-Folds are a leading door specialist in the Crawley area. Our aim is to supply customers throughout Crawley with stylish, high performance aluminium doors that are installed to the very best standards and customer service.

We were established in 1989, giving us over 20 years of experience in double glazing installations. Our teams of installers are all highly trained and motivated, striving for perfection in every single installation. They are experts in their field and are confident in taking on even the most challenging aluminium sliding door installations.

Because we are experienced in installing these sliding doors, we are also able to offer our customers in Crawley the innovative corner bi-fold door. You can truly maximise the potential of your home with our aluminium sliding doors.

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

The beauty of aluminium bi-fold doors lies in their incredible aesthetics. They create a simply stunning wall of glass that you can enjoy whether open or closed. These superb bi-folding doors are exceptional both in looks and in performance.

They are high security, extremely energy efficient, and utilise the latest advances to ensure a wonderful, long term performance.

It’s no wonder that they have grown in popularity so much over the last few years. More and more Crawley homeowners are opting to have aluminium sliding doors installed in their properties.

You can truly enhance both the efficiency and the appearance of your Crawley home when you choose to have a luxury aluminium bi-folding door installed.

Highly Secure Aluminium Sliding Doors in Crawley.

One of the benefits of using aluminium for the profile of our sliding doors is that it is incredibly strong. This makes it almost impossible to break into. When this strength is combined with the high security locking mechanisms that we install as standard with all our aluminium sliding doors, they achieve unrivalled security performance.

Your family and property will be thoroughly protected against intruders when you choose our secure aluminium bi-folding doors.

aluminium doorsAccessible for All

Aluminium doors are installed with exceptionally hard wearing thresholds. These are also available in an ultra low option, making them the perfect choice for wheelchair users and people with mobility difficulties. The robust threshold is able to withstand regular use for many years, giving a long lasting, quality performance.


Tailored Design

Tailoring the design of your aluminium door to suit your Crawley home could not be simpler. You have an amazing choice of over 250 RAL colours to create the perfect finish.

Whether you decide to create a bright feature of your door, or to blend it in with your property, our aluminium doors are customised to suit your tastes.


aluminium doorsOutstanding Guarantee

Aluminium sliding doors offer a low maintenance, long lasting option for your Crawley home. Keeping them in the best condition is simple, just give them the occasional clean and that’s all there is to it.

Our aluminium doors are engineered to never warp, rot, or fade, so you can count on year after year of high quality operation.

In fact, they are so impressive, that they come with a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee. You will be able to have confidence that their outstanding service really will last for many, many years.

aluminium door prices crawley

Aluminium Doors Prices in Crawley

If you would like more information on our aluminium sliding doors in Crawley, then please visit our aluminium doors pages. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly team of experts who are more than happy to provide you with advice and guidance.

You can get a free aluminium bi-fold doors quote through our online quote calculator. Simply enter your specifications and options and you will be provided with a tailored bi-fold doors quote for your home improvements in Crawley. Give it a try now and see how cost effective and competitive our aluminium sliding doors prices are.