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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, Hailsham

24 August 2016

Are you in need of high-quality aluminium bi-fold doors for your Hailsham property? Well, you’re in luck! Britannic Bi-Fold company offer a range of luxurious aluminium Bi-Folding doors at the most competitive prices. Our growth within the aluminium bi-fold door industry is down to us keeping our prices low and providing exceptional customer service time after time.

Britannic Bi-Fold Company is a sister company of Britannic Windows, which started trading some 27 years ago. Since the company was founded, we have grown to become one the leading suppliers of home improvement products around Hailsham and East Sussex.

Our in house team of skilled installers have been subjected to the highest levels of training, ensuring we fit your aluminium bi-fold door with outstanding quality and attention to detail.
Thanks to our superb installation, your aluminium bi-fold door will need to little to no maintenance to retain its performance. We recommend a quick clean every once in a while, just to keep the mechanics in the door free of any dirt.

As expected from an industry leader like ourselves, we proudly work alongside one of the biggest names in the aluminium industry, Origin. All of our aluminium bi-fold doors come complete with a twenty-year guarantee.

Working with Origin

Origin are without question one of the biggest names in the aluminium industry. Their commitment to developing safe products that lower the cost of running your home has taken the company from strength to strength. We value our close working relationship with Origin, who have helped us become a leading supplier of aluminium bi-fold doors in Hailsham and East Sussex.

Our Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

As home improvement specialists we know what matters most to homeowners in your property. You want to know that your aluminium bi-folding door will increase the security of your home and decrease your monthly energy bills. You’ll be glad to hear that ours do both!

In fact, aluminium bi-fold doors are just about the most security focused and energy saving product available on the current market – especially when they are constructed in partnership with Origin.

We are passionate about security and have a solid commitment to securing your home. Have total peace of mind that, behind our aluminium bi-fold doors, your loved ones will come to no harm. Not only are they explicitly designed to maximise the safety of your home, but prevent unnecessary accidents – like finger trapping. Furthermore, they are fitted with strong magnets to prevent your door from slamming!

The Perfect Entrance

aluminium bi-fold doorsAluminium bi-fold doors are available in a low threshold option. Providing the perfect entrance for wheelchairs, prams and the elderly. Feel more connected to the outside world and enjoy magnificent panoramic views of your Hailsham garden.

An elegant free-glide rolling system ensures your aluminium bi-fold doors open effortlessly each and every time. The working mechanisms of the aluminium bi-fold doors are hidden safely out of harm’s way, between the frame and door of the product.

Similar to their plastic rivals, our aluminium bi-fold doors are available in huge range of opening options. Choose anywhere between a 2 – 8 leaf door, depending on the available space and budget. Regardless of your budget or available space, we’ll help you to create the perfect door for your Hailsham property.

We can even design and build the door to open inwards or outwards.

Colour Finishes

When it comes to colour, you won’t be disappointed. Add a classic touch to your homes exterior with a pristine white finish or dare to be bold with summer tones to add a sense of vibrancy. Not only can you choose from over one hundred and fifty attractive RAL colours, but we use scratch resistant paint on all of our aluminium bi-fold doors, ensuring they retain their attractive appearance all year every year.

Choose from a single or dual colour finish. Plus, a huge selection of handles and hardware options.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Prices Hailsham

If you feel that our aluminium bi-fold doors would work on your home, or you’re just keen to discover just how competitive our online prices are, you can generate your no-obligation quote right now. Visit the quote section of our website to see yours today.

If you’d like more information, please use our online contact form. One of our advisors will be more than happy to discuss your aluminium bi-fold door with you.