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Aluminium Front Doors

There are vast options of aluminium front doors available. With full customisation options avaiable, you can secure your home with our stylish entrance doors today!
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Colours and Finishes

Our aluminium front doors are offered in a range of colours and finishes. This means that you have the freedom to choose whichever colour you would like in order to create the maximum kerb appeal.
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Handles and Accessories

No entrance door is complete without the perfect double glazing furniture. Our doors are fitted with beautiful handles and accessories which can be changed to suit the style you desire.

Aluminium Front Doors Uckfield

We have an extensive selection of aluminium front doors that are tailor made to meet your exact requirements to match your property style. We provide a stunning collection of aluminium doors in Sussex that can enhance and transform the look of your property as well as providing excellent exit and entrance points to the rear and front of your home.

Energy Efficient Guarantee

We promise aluminium doors that will provide outstanding energy efficiency, no matter the type of door or style. They are built to retain heart instead of letting it escape which in turn can reduce your energy and heating costs throughout the year. They will provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your Uckfield home that you and the entire family can enjoy.

Aluminium Front Doors Uckfield Sussex

Personalised For You

Our aluminium front doors are well known for being a luxury product with versatile designs that will change how your Uckfield property looks. Aluminium front doors act as an impactful first impression for your home that you can be proud of and you’ll be pleased with the added benefits and advantages that they reward you with.

The Perfect Choice For Any Uckfield Home

When choosing aluminium front doors for your property, you can take a look at an advanced range of colours to select from as well as excellent accessories and finishes that can really make your preferred design stand out. Your entrance doors can reflect your personal taste as well as maintain high functionality and high quality.

Britannic Bi-Folds are experts when it comes to supplying you with aluminium doors that are not only made to measure for your home improvement project but that include cutting edge Aerogel technology. This technology has ultralow density solids with unbeatable properties and is used in space crafts, so it’s clear just how reliable it is. You can be satisfied that you are receiving a top range product that is high performance and will make a great addition to your Uckfield property.

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Security For Your Uckfield Home

If you opt for Britannic Bi-Fold’s aluminium front doors for your home in Sussex, you can confidently rely on the fact that you are choosing a super secure product that will stand the test of time. All of our aluminium front doors have exceptional locking systems that promise to keep your home, family and valuable possessions safe. You will benefit from a number of safety features designed to keep your home secure.

Over the years there have been many misconceptions about aluminium as the choice for front doors. Many have commented on how lightweight aluminium is and that it looks delicate and fragile. This couldn’t be further from the truth with aluminium front doors being able to withstand unwanted entrance to your property as well as adverse weather conditions that the UK can sometimes suffer from. Aluminium front doors are stronger and more resilient than most uPVC doors, offering an incredibly strong product even with their slimline and aesthetically pleasing design.

Luxury and Style

When you choose aluminium front doors for your Uckfield property you are selecting a product that is beautifully made, designed to be robust and long standing as well as tailor-made to your taste and requirements. They can offer a sense of grandeur and opulence with the certainty of a strong and stable function.

Aluminium front doors provide a multitude of positives along with being energy efficient, secure and the perfect option for an attractive and stunning installation.

Front Aluminium Entrance Door Uckfield Sussex

Long Lasting Endurance

Because aluminium is a sustainable material that will not only survive the test of time but also require very little maintenance, it makes for the perfect option for an entrance to your Uckfield home. Aluminium front doors perform to an incredibly high standard from the moment they are installed and over the period they are used.

The only maintenance required is a generic wipe down every once in a while to maintain a fresh and clean feel. You are protected by a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee meaning that you have the peace of mind when opting for aluminium front doors for your property. We can testify that they are a cost-effective solution when it comes to home improvements and will be a long lasting investment for your home.

Giving You Control Over Aesthetics

All of our entrance doors can be tailored using our RAL colour shades in which we have over 150 colours to choose from. You can select something understated and neutral or something extravagant and stand out depending on how you want your property entrance to look. We have a selection of primary colours through to pastel tones and more so that you can be confident that we have a colour palette to please you.

We can create your aluminium front door to seamlessly blend with your current property aesthetic or we can create a front door that is designed to stand out. Whatever your requirements are we can discuss these with you and advise you on the best course of action.

You can opt for the additional idea of dual colours if you wanted to have your aluminium front door complement your interior as well as the exterior of your building. This means you don’t have to compromise on style and gives you the best of both worlds.

Aluminium Doors Prices in Uckfield

At Britannic Bi-Folds, our aluminium front doors are an ideal selection for both quality and design. You will benefit from very high quality profiles at affordable prices when you choose us for your home improvements in Uckfield, East Sussex and West Sussex.

Our aluminium front doors prices are competitive and can be determined by contacting us. A member of our team will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have as well as provide you with a bespoke quote.


We supply and install a wide range of aluminium double glazing products, each with many features and benefits to enhance your home.

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  • C.V. Kent

    We are really pleased with the bi-fold doors which you supplied and fitted. The quality and design detail is excellent and the custom colour a perfect match.
    The installation team worked well with my builders. I have previously always bought German bi-folds, the quality of these is every bit as good but with much shorter lead times.

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Our first class aluminium windows and doors are sourced from highly accredited suppliers, so we know that we can give our customers the very best in aluminium product quality.

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