Composite Aluminium Clad Doors, East Grinstead

Why Choose Aluminium Clad Doors?

Composite doors, as the name suggests, are doors that are made out of a combination of different materials. They generally have a core of timber, combined with a layer of another material. Our range of aluminium clad doors that are available in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas. The biggest benefit of these aluminium clad doors is that they offer the best features of both, aluminium and timber.

The result is stunning looking aluminium clad doors that are sturdy, durable, and well-insulated. Our aluminium clad timber doors can be used as front doors, back doors, and even internal doors. Wherever you wish to have them installed, they look elegant and sophisticated.

Our doors are ideal for heritage properties as well as modern properties as we offer two different ranges for each style.

We offer wooden doors that are constructed from only solid timber, as well as alu clad composite doors that feature a timber core. Both of these products will give your home in East Grinstead a premium air. Because of this, you will benefit from a secure and warm home, along with a stylish entrance.

Our range of composite doors are sourced from Rationel, a leading name in innovative double glazed and aluminium clad doors. As a result, you can guarantee quality and the performance.

You can choose from 4 ranges in our composite wooden doors collection – Forma, FormaPlus, Aura, and AuraPlus.

aluminium clad Doors East Grinstead

Forma – Wooden Doors

If you are looking for a classic style with amazingly modern performance, take a look at our Forma wooden door range. These are made using sustainable timber to give your East Grinstead home an entrance that is highly secure and incredibly heat efficient.

These doors are crafted to help you retain the authentic traditional look of your heritage property. At the same time, they make a gorgeous addition to a new construction, giving it a timeless air.

Our wooden doors are a perfect option if you are looking to replace original time-honoured timber doors. Either way, our Forma doors will maintain a conventional sophistication.

The best part is, these vintage-looking doors are fitted with modern security. As a result, the security of your home will be enhanced.

FormaPlus – Composite Aluminium Clad Doors

Our range of FormaPlus composite aluminium clad doors gives you the same timeless beauty of the Forma range, with one difference. Instead of timber, these doors are made of aluminium clad timber.

The combination of aluminium and wooden gives you several advantages. The main feature that you will benefit from is enhanced strength. Aluminium is a very robust metal, and so is timber. However, with aluminium clad doors, timber becomes even more durable.

Aluminium protects the wooden core from the damaging effects of the weather. As a result, your alu clad doors require much less maintenance than authentic timber doors and will not rot, rust, warp or fade.

Aluminium-Clad Composite Wooden Doors East Grinstead

Aura – Modern Wooden Doors

Our Aura range of wooden doors is ideal for those who prefer timber doors but have a modern architectural home. These doors are sleek and clean, giving your East Grinstead home a contemporary aesthetic.

Even though the design and style of these doors differ from the Forma range, their performance is just as incredible. You will benefit from same thermal efficiency and security with these wooden doors, but you are offered a different style. If you want beautiful home improvements for your modern home, you will love these doors!

AuraPlus – Aluminium Clad Timber Doors

Modern homes require a modern performance. This is why it isn’t always enough to settle with current and out-dated double glazing. With our AuraPlus range, you will achieve a stunningly clean and stylish look combined with exceptionally high performance.

These aluminium clad doors are beautiful and incredibly robust. As a result, they will provide your East Grinstead home with sleek and sophisticated style but with unbeatable durability and strength. The slim profiles of these doors let in an inordinate amount of light and also last you years. The fashionable performance of our aluminium clad wooden doors means you get fantastic value.

You’ll have peace of mind when it comes to adding aluminium clad doors to your home, knowing that they will keep your family and property safe.

Aluminium Clad Wooden Doors, East Grinstead

Stunning Aluminium Clad Doors for Tailored Performance

At Britannic, we give you understated beauty and refined sophistication. Additionally, you can tailor these qualities to suit your style as well as your home. This is why we offer you a comprehensive selection of colours and finishes to choose from. With our colour and design choice, you can adapt your aluminium clad doors to fit the look that you envisioned for your East Grinstead property.

With 4 different styles of doors available, you can determine the kind of performance you want. We offer aluminium clad timber doors with exceptional thermal performance and security. The aluminium clad doors offer additional durability as well as an easy maintenance routine. Whether it is the classic look or the sophisticated style that you want for your home, you can get it with our range of Rationel doors.

Aluminium Clad Doors Prices, East Grinstead

At Britannic Bi-Folds, we offer attractive aluminium clad door prices to our customers in East Grinstead and the neighbouring areas. To get an idea of how much your doors will cost you, get in touch with us today. We can tell you more about our composite doors and what the benefits of an aluminium clad door will do for your home.

Forma & FormaPlus Brochure

Aura & AuraPlus Brochure

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  • C.V. Kent

    We are really pleased with the bi-fold doors which you supplied and fitted. The quality and design detail is excellent and the custom colour a perfect match.
    The installation team worked well with my builders. I have previously always bought German bi-folds, the quality of these is every bit as good but with much shorter lead times.

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